Let’s Tell Your Story Together

Partner with The Curious Filmmaker to create an impactful short film sharing how you meet your client’s needs.

Why Story?

Story binds us all together. Your company offers solutions for specific problems. Let’s capture the story of how you help others by putting your story to film.

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Some of our Short Film Options

Product Videos

Capture the core essence of your product by showing your clients the value it adds to their life.

Interview Videos

Share how a client has benefited from your services by showing the difference it made in the lives of existing customers.

Online Testimonials

In a time that requires creativity and ingenuity, a simple online interview can tell your story quickly and effectively.


“It’s hard to imagine someone who puts more heart, enthusiasm, and dedication into his work than Matt. He loves to create, to learn, to innovate, and to just produce. Working with Matt on video production and visual marketing strategy is a fantastic experience – I highly recommend it.”

Brian Galvin, Chief Academic Officer at Varsity Tutors

“I served on a non-profit board with Matt, where he produced a short film to commemorate 10 years of service. Matt had complete creative control and full ownership of the project. The result was fantastic.”

Heath Moylan, VP of Infrastructure and Security at Radialogica

“Matt possesses finely-tuned skills and unique sensibilities essential in video story-telling…His visual artistry and command of bringing mission, heart, narrative and quality together is very special.”

Stacey Fitzgerald, Former VP of Advancement at Covenant Theological Seminary and Leadership Development/Communications Consultant

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